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Lycos Athena Software

What the software does

The AthenaAdvantage software is a highly advanced, yet user friendly, Windows based system covering all aspects of the supply and transportation of dangerous substances in compliance with European Legislation.

Key Features

Using the AthenaAdvantage software, you will speedily and accurately:

  • Produce material safety data sheets (MSDS) for any substance or mixture
  • Calculate the classification of your formulations in CHIP and CLP/GHS format
  • Convert existing products classified under CHIP into the new CLP classifications
  • Design and print supply or transport labels in any format or size
  • Produce dangerous goods notes, IATA forms and all other consignment documentation


The system is fully multi-lingual covering 24 EC languages plus Russian, Turkish and Chinese for supply documentation and labelling. When you produce a safety data sheet or label in English, it is immediately available in any of the other 26 languages without having to do anything more.

The software comes with:

  • Complete CLP and CHIP classification data from the Annex VI Table 3
  • All EH40 (Workplace Exposure Limits) values for Annex VI substances
  • ADR (Orange Book) Table 1 data for all UN number entries
  • IMDG, IATA and CDG data for all UN number entries


The latest technology used within the system allows safety data sheets (MSDS) to be published on an intra-/internet server or seamlessly emailed to your customers.


The dispatch module will integrate with any sales order processing system to allow the automatic generation and dispatch of material safety data sheets (MSDS) by post, fax or email.


The modular approach of the MSDS software ensures you need purchase only those sections required thus cutting overall cost and avoiding the clutter of unnecessary features.


Having the AthenaAdvantage software will enable you to:

  • Generate material safety data sheets (MSDS) in any EC language, Russian or Chinese
  • Calculate the required regulatory information for mixtures
  • Quickly and intuitively design complex label formats with any combination of languages
  • Print CHIP compliant supply labels or ADR compliant transport labels
  • Produce consignment documentation including DGNs, Shipping Notes and IATA forms
  • Complete records using over 2000 legally verified, context sensitive set phrases
  • Ensure material safety data sheet (MSDS) revision control and MSDS issue reporting
  • Run queries and reports based upon any of your data
  • Import formulations data from your manufacturing system
  • Integrate sales data from your accounts package
  • Integrate with your SOP system to automatically dispatch SDS by post, fax or email
  • Export safety data sheets and other data to intra/internet for local or global access
  • Seamlessly integrate with your own email system to send safety data sheets (MSDS) by email
  • Control access to data by password level assignment
  • Allow search-and-print-only access to non-qualified staff
  • Receive upgrades to update and reclassify your products ahead of new legislation
  • Acquire legislative support Have access to our technical support
  • Receive full on-site installation and training on the program


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Lycos Ltd (@LycosLtd)

Despite 5 year build-up to CLP many companies are still producing non compliant MSDS. Let Lycos AthenaAdvantage be your compliance solution.

Lycos Ltd (@LycosLtd)

The 7th #ATP of #CLP was published recently & comes into force Dec 15. Lycos plans to roll these changes out in the software end of Oct 15.