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Lycos Limited was established as a company more than eighteen years ago with the sole aim of developing and marketing effective compliance software solutions for those industries using hazardous substances.

Over this period, the company has ensured that each of its customers has been kept entirely up-to-date with all aspects of the supply and transportation of dangerous substances in compliance with EU legislation. Legislative changes are implemented automatically in the software by LiveUpdate process which checks the Lycos legislative server on a daily basis.


Lycos Limited maintains a continuous update programme whereby all forthcoming legislation is studied and implemented in the software well in advance of enforcement dates thus allowing companies to make provision for up-and-coming changes to their products.

In addition, the company runs a full-time, office hours helpdesk to provide legislative and technical support for all of its customers. This is provided as part of the standard maintenance contract and allows users to gain valuable advice about the legislation governing their products and how to use the software to its best advantage.


Lycos Limited compliance software will ensure that you fulfill all of the legislative requirements for your products and mixtures - and then ensure that you are kept up-to-date whenever the legislation changes. By working in English, the system will automatically generate all documentation in any of the other required languages.

Free unlimited online installation and training are provided to anyone purchasing the system and thereafter the technical and legislative helpdesk is available to answer queries on legislation and using the software. Web based training is also available where this is a more convenient option.


Lycos Limited
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Lycos Ltd (@LycosLtd)

Despite 5 year build-up to CLP many companies are still producing non compliant MSDS. Let Lycos AthenaAdvantage be your compliance solution.

Lycos Ltd (@LycosLtd)

The 7th #ATP of #CLP was published recently & comes into force Dec 15. Lycos plans to roll these changes out in the software end of Oct 15.